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  1. [Generative AI] [Healthcare] ReMiND: Recovery of Missing Neuroimaging using Diffusion Models with Application to Alzheimer’s Disease.[medRxiv]
    Chenxi Yuan, Jinhao Duan, Nicholas J. Tustison, Kaidi Xu, Kristin A. Linn, Rebecca A. Hubbard

  2. [AI Fairness] [Healthcare] Fairness Verification of Artificial Intelligence Algorithms in Predicting Progression of Alzheimer’s Disease. (Preprint)
    Chenan Wang, Chenxi Yuan, Jinhao Duan, Tianlong Chen, Kristin A. Linn, Rebecca A. Hubbard, Kaidi Xu

  3. [Generative AI] [Healthcare] Word-Sequence Entropy: Towards Uncertainty Estimation in Free-Form Medical Question Answering Applications and Beyond. [arXiv]
    Zhiyuan Wang, Jinhao Duan, Chenxi Yuan, Qingyu Chen, Tianlong Chen, Huaxiu Yao, Yue Zhang, Ren Wang, Kaidi Xu, Xiaoshuang Shi

  4. [Generative AI] [Manufacturing] DCG-GAN: Design Concept Generation with Generative Adversarial Networks. (Preprint)
    Parisa Ghasemi, Chenxi Yuan, Tucker Marion, and Mohsen Moghaddam


  1. [Machine Learning] [Healthcare] Interpretable Medical Deep Framework by Logits-constraint Attention Guiding Graph-based Multi-scale Fusion for Alzheimer’s Disease Analysis. Pattern Recgonition (2024) [Paper]
    Jinghao Xu, Chenxi Yuan, Xiaochuan Ma, Huifang Shang, Xiaoshuang Shi, Xiaofeng Zhu

  2. [AI Fairness] [Healthcare] Algorithmic Fairness of Machine Learning Models for Alzheimer’s Disease Progression Prediction. JAMA Network Open (2023) . (Impact factor: 13.37) [Paper]
    Chenxi Yuan, Kristin A. Linn, Rebecca A. Hubbard

  3. [Generative AI] [Manufacturing] DDE-GAN: Integrating a data-driven design evaluator into generative adversarial networks for desirable and diverse concept generation. Journal of Mechanical Design (2023) [Paper]
    Chenxi Yuan, Tucker Marion, Mohsen Moghaddam

  4. [Generative AI] [Manufacturing] Are generative adversarial networks capable of generating novel and diverse design concepts? An experimental analysis of performance. Proceedings of the Design Society (2023) [Paper]
    Parisa Ghasemi, Chenxi Yuan, Tucker Marion, Mohsen Moghaddam

  5. [Machine Learning] [Manufacturing] Trends in intelligent manufacturing research: a keyword co-occurrence network based review. Journal of intelligent manufacturing (2022) [Paper]
    Chenxi Yuan, Guoyan Li, Sagar Kamarthi, Xiaoning Jin, Mohsen Moghaddam

  6. [Generative AI] [Manufacturing] Leveraging end-user data for enhanced design concept evaluation: a multimodal deep regression model. Journal of Mechanical Design (2021) [Paper]
    Chenxi Yuan, Tucker Marion, Mohsen Moghaddam

  7. [Machine Learning] [Manufacturing] Data science skills and domain knowledge requirements in the manufacturing industry: a gap analysis. Journal of Manufacturing Systems (2021) [Paper]
    Guoyan Li, Chenxi Yuan, Sagar Kamarthi, Mohsen Moghaddam, Xiaonin

  8. [Generative AI] [Manufacturing] Attribute-aware generative design with generative adversarial networks. IEEE Access (2020) [Paper]
    Chenxi Yuan, Mohsen Moghaddam

  9. [Generative AI] [Manufacturing] Garment design with generative adversarial network. ASM SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery And Data Mining Workshop (2020) [Paper]
    Chenxi Yuan, Mohsen Moghaddam

  10. Flocculation behavior of cationic pea starch prepared by the graft copolymerization of acrylamide for wastewater treatment. Journal of Applied Polymer Science (2020) [Paper]
    Yongqiang Zou, Shanshan Li, Yuqi Wang, Chenxi Yuan, Weijian Yuan, Lan Zheng, Xiaolong Han